It's a jungle out there!
Lesson series

IT'S A JUNGLE OUT THERE! (Hitopadesha) (HITO01)

It's a jungle out there, and the world is not a fair place. Navigate it carefully and know the real from fake, friend from foe, honest from conman. All from the son of Panchatantra - the animal stories you think you know!


- Learn Sanskrit in context.
- Learn at your pace.
- The lessons have to be completed in sequence.
- Every week a new lesson will be added.

You need to navigate the world, at work, and outside, understand situations, with no filters. Sometimes, a spade is just a spade.

“I am nice. You are nice?” – not always!. Attitude over skill. No permanent enemies. Advantage of networking. Where to live, where not to. Who to trust? Test of a true friend?

Your childhood ACK comic books of animal fables are inspired by Panchatantra (4th century) and Hitopadesha (11th century). Now check out the real deal - a powerful storehouse of practical wisdom for any situation.

A great way to start your journey into Sanskrit - entertaining, practical, simple, smart. This is a great starter into the important yet neglected world of Nītishāstra.

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Happy Learning!

In this course:

At a glance:   
    - 100 great shlokas (subhashita)
    - 20 hours
    - 1 hour/session (week)
    - 20 weeks total
    - Instruction medium: English

Who should attend? (adhikārī): Must for all - 14 to 80 years. Anyone who has to deal with the world.

Subject (vishaya): Hitopadesha – 8 stories, 100 great subhāshita (quotable quote) from part 1 of the famous entry level Sanskrit book from 11th century.

Purpose (prayojana): Be street-smart, not just book-smart, whether in or out of office. The world is no place for the naïve. 

Course Content: 100 super subhāshita, quotable quotes, while enjoying the stories in full glory. These shlokas are worth keeping handy for their message.

Language of instruction: English

Supporting material: Downloadable PDFs of the material covered. Recitation practice recordings. Optional quizzes and assignments.

Course Lessons - HITO1

Shashi Joshi, Author, Instructor, Mentor.

न च विद्या समो बन्धुः No friend like knowledge!
Shashi has a long passion and exposure to Sanskrit from school days.

He holds a Master's degree from University of Minnesota (USA), and a Bachelor's degree from IIT Kharagpur (India), both in Computer Science. He uses his analytical and teaching skills to present Sanskrit in a way that is easy to understand, interesting to absorb, and enlightening for living a better life in big and small ways.

He has authored a book, created workbooks, an audio CD, edited a magazine - all promoting Sanskrit wisdom for modern times. His motto - "Simple Sanskrit, Great Ideas." and "Come Curious. Go Wise."
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