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Ancient Wisdom Modern Times - Part 1 (AWMT01)

(Recorded videos of live course between May-Sep 2020)

Why is ancient Indian wisdom useful for all times and all people? Its antiquity predates any agenda based, competitive, person based knowledge system/religion. Honest pursuit of truth - spiritually and practically.

In this course/collection series I bring out gems that have simple language, deep or important meaning, are useful, and easy to even practice chanting/reciting, thus picking the Sanskrit language as well.

Each course/set will have 30+ shlokas/verses. I will be adding more content like files with language details, audio for recitation practice.

Check it out, see the free sample sections. If you like, then enroll in the course. Language notes and practice audio will be uploaded as well.
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Happy Learning!

In this course:

  • - Part 1 of a series
  • - 30+ shlokas/verses in each set/part
  • - Shlokas from Ramayana, Mahabharata, Gita, Chanakya, ...
  • - Nuances and backstories are the spicing
  • - Language aspects for those who want to learn Sanskrit
  • - Almost 7 hours of video
  • - Recitation practice as well.

Wisdom Sessions.
Simple Sanskrit. Great Ideas!

Happy Learning!

Course Lessons - AWMT01

Shashi Joshi, Author, Instructor, Mentor.

न च विद्या समो बन्धुः No friend like knowledge!
Shashi has a long passion and exposure to Sanskrit from school days.

He holds a Master's degree from University of Minnesota (USA), and a Bachelor's degree from IIT Kharagpur (India), both in Computer Science. He uses his analytical and teaching skills to present Sanskrit in a way that is easy to understand, interesting to absorb, and enlightening for living a better life in big and small ways.

He has authored a book, created workbooks, an audio CD, edited a magazine - all promoting Sanskrit wisdom for modern times. His motto - "Simple Sanskrit, Great Ideas." and "Come Curious. Go Wise."
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