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My name is Shashi, and I run the PracticalSanskrit blog and Facebook page, and the new learning portal (this very site).

You may know me personally or through the Sanskrit site.

I need your help with opinion/feedback about next course offerings. And for your time, I will offer a free enrolment in an existing course, for up to five people who give the most helpful answers.

I need some feedback on what kind of Sanskrit wisdom based courses (in English) would be more useful and helpful for people. Maybe for you personally, or for someone you know who may benefit. Based on this survey, I will be creating new course offering for next year.

The premise is that there is enough useful wisdom in ancient Sanskrit works, and this is evident from the PracticalSanskrit blog and Facebook page I have been running for many years. The book Attitude Shift I wrote on Sanskrit maxims for modern times also enforced this idea.

Now I am focusing more efforts on spreading Sanskrit wisdom for modern times, in the form of online courses. It started during Covid times as weekly online live session from May to Sep 2020.

There are 3 ongoing courses and 3 that were previously live are now available as recorded videos.

The current courses are aimed at learning Sanskrit wisdom. One also picks up the Sanskrit language aspects alongside, like vocabulary, deeper meaning of words, how words are formed etc. This helps in benefitting with the wisdom immediately, and learning the language slowly in context, if one is interested. They also have interesting side stories and deeper insights into the words and topics as they happen. 

Shashi, PracticalSanskrit
4+ million views
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Shashi Joshi
Author, Instructor, Mentor.

न च विद्या समो बन्धु - No friend like knowledge.

  • M.S., Computer Science, University of Minnesota, USA
  • B.Tech., Computer Science, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Three decades of industry experience as technical domain expert.
  • blog (over 4 million views)
  • Facebook page (over 34000 likes)
  • Author - Attitude Shift - Sanskrit Maxims for Contemporary Life and Leadership
  • Author - Hindu Prayer Book (compilation)
  • Sanskrit workbooks
  • Audio CD - Hitopadesha Part 1 - story and shlokas
  • Editor - Tarang, Cultural Magazine, USA (former)
  • Online courses.

My passion and exposure to Sanskrit started from my school days. I use my analytical and teaching skills to present Sanskrit in a way that is easy to understand, interesting to absorb, and enlightening for living a better life in big and small ways.

I started PracticalSanskrit blog (over 4 million views) and Facebook page (over 34000 followers) to share whatever I learned from Sanskrit works and how it helped me in life. Always bringing the relevance of it for modern times, because knowledge that can't be used is a burden we carry. This learning site is my latest attempt to share not just via text, but video and audio, providing a better learning opportunity.

Most of our problems are caused by our way of thinking which reflects in our way of studying, working, relationship, parenting, managing, leadership, behavior, motivation and inspiration.

Sanskrit works have almost every aspects of human thought and mind covered in its vast literature. Hence my mission - "Ancient Wisdom. Modern Times." - Find help for today's problems with the wisdom of the ages!
I welcome you  and wish you a fruitful and joyful journey of learning here.

~ Shashi

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