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Introduce children to Sanskrit sounds early on. They will learn correct pronunciation, recitation and meaning of 30 simple shlokas of devotion and age-appropriate worldly wisdom. Start early.


- Learn Sanskrit in context.
- Learn at your pace.
- The lessons have to be completed in sequence.
- Every week a new lesson will be added.

Children glow in the warmth of Sanskrit shlokas of devotional and age appropriate simple wisdom (subhāṣhita) with proper pronunciation, recitation, memorizing and understanding. Age appropriate simple Sanskrit.

It is very important to introduce children to culture and heritage early on. They are the torch bearers of the future. And, Culture is not Genetic.

This course covers about 30 simple shlokas, devotional shlokas for Gaṇesha, Devī, Viṣhṇu, Rāma, Kṛiṣhṇa, Shiva, Hanumān and practical wisdom shlokas from Panchatantra, Hitopadesha, Ramayana and Mahabharata.

They are easy to remember and understand and great for Quote Collection (subhashita) that every student should maintain. It also gives children a useful and different activity to engage in.

Many parents will benefit from this as well!

PS: For those in India wishing to pay in INR (3200 2200), you can make payment here and send an email to Learn@PracticalSanskrit.com

Happy Learning!

In this course:

At a glance:
    - 30 Shlokas
    - 8 hours
    - 1 hour/session (week)
    - 8 weeks
    - Instruction medium: English

Who should attend? (adhikārī): Kids from 5 to 14 years. And their parents! 

Subject (vishaya): Various age-appropriate simple Sanskrit shlokas covering devotional/spiritual aspects and wise sayings. 

Purpose (prayojana): To introduce children to Sanskrit sounds, shlokas and thoughts. Early introduction is very important. 

Course Content: About 30 simple shlokas. Devotional shlokas for daily puja, and Niti subhashita shlokas for simple wisdom.

Language of instruction: English

Supporting material: Downloadable PDFs of the material covered. Recitation practice recordings. Optional quizzes and assignments.

Course Lessons - SK4CH1

Shashi Joshi, Author, Instructor, Mentor.

न च विद्या समो बन्धुः No friend like knowledge!
Shashi has a long passion and exposure to Sanskrit from school days.

He holds a Master's degree from University of Minnesota (USA), and a Bachelor's degree from IIT Kharagpur (India), both in Computer Science. He uses his analytical and teaching skills to present Sanskrit in a way that is easy to understand, interesting to absorb, and enlightening for living a better life in big and small ways.

He has authored a book, created workbooks, an audio CD, edited a magazine - all promoting Sanskrit wisdom for modern times. His motto - "Simple Sanskrit, Great Ideas." and "Come Curious. Go Wise."
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